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Factory Direct Means a Better Product at a Better Price

Designed by Labs for Labs, the GenesisZr® Zirconia Milling brand delivers on the AmericaSmiles promise to provide high-quality products and services that allow you to grow your business and flourish in a highly competitive environment.

Gradient Multilayer Zirconia

GenesisZr® Multi Pro

Something new. Something brilliant.

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Milling Discs to Fit Any Workflow



Our high translucency Zirconia Milling Disc, combines beauty and strength providing 46% translucency and 1,100Mpa flexural strength.

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GenesisZr® Pre-Shaded

Our high translucency Pre-Shaded Zirconia Milling Disc, combines beauty and strength providing 46% translucency and 1,100Mpa three-point flexural strength after sintering.

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GenesisZr® UHT700

Our ultra-high translucency GenesisZr® UHT700 Zirconia Milling Disc combines beauty and strength providing 49% translucency and 700 MPa flexural strength.

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GenesisZr® LVHT

This Zirconia provides a lower value intensity with high translucency resulting in the appearance of naturally esthetic restorations.

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Aidite 3D Pro Zir

Coloration with the perfect balance of Hue, Value, and Chroma to resemble natural dentition.

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Made By Labs For Labs

AmericaSmiles began 19 years ago in Crete, IL. The founder’s vision was to provide intellectual, technical and cooperative purchasing resources to individual dental labs through the strength of networking.

We are exclusive to dental labs and do no business directly with dentists. We highly value being partners, not competitors, with dental lab owners. Directly engaging with over 500 labs a year provides the team at AmericaSmiles a strong knowledge of the needs and direction of dental lab owners.

Maintaining strong network relationships revealed the needs that launched our milling center in 2011. These same demands have launched the AmericaSmiles Zirconia manufacturing facility. Milling approximately 250 units a day and manufacturing the GenesisZr™ disc provides us with a complete knowledge of the product and all milling processes. Listening to the voice of dental labs, understanding their needs and concerns along with manufacturing and milling the GenesisZr™ equips us with the ability to provide cost saving knowledge, processes and support to dental labs at a strong relationship level.

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From workflow optimizations to coloring liquid and incisal tone instructions, we're committed to helping you achieve maximum results.


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Made in the USA

Factory Direct Means a Better Product at a Better Price

Unbeatable Pricing

With fewer middlemen claiming profits on each sale, our factory direct program offers unbeatable pricing, putting more money in your pocket.

Higher Quality

Each transfer increases the likelihood of shipping damage. When you order an item from the manufacturer, it’s less likely to suffer damage in shipping.

Better Service

Who knows a product better than the manufacturer? A factory direct source means better, more helpful, and more knowledgeable service for you when you need it most.

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